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Biographical notes on Roger Descombes

Born on the 4th of April 1915 in " La Chaux-de-Fonds" in Switzerland. From 1919, he lived in France. At the age of twelve, first exhibition of sixty watercolours (landscapes). Itinerant exhibition organized by the French Education Authorities.

1929 "Conté" Prize for drawing, Paris
1930-1933 Illustrator for the Paris newspapers: Le Quotidien and Paris-Soir. Caricaturist of the illustrations for articles by Fortunat Strowsky - a member of the French Institute.
1933 Studies at "L'Ecole des Beaux Arts" in Paris -course: Drawing from antiquity. Contributes drawings and articles for "Comédia and "L'Avant-Scène".
1934 In Barcelona/Sitges - decoration of the casino.
1936-1940 Studies at the Glasgow School of Art - Diploma (DA).
1940-1943 Art Teacher
1943 Exhibition at "The Redfern Gallery", London.
1940-1945 Collaborator of "Vogue" magazine in London (illustrations / fashion drawings).
1946-1953 In Paris, collaborator of "Vogue", "L'Officiel de la Couture" and "France-Soir".
1955-1956 Exhibition of engravings at the "Cabinet des Estampes" in Geneva.
1954-1960 Exhibitions of engravings and paintings in his own gallery in Geneva.
Illustrator for reviews and newspapers.
1961-1962 Engraver for "Le Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques" (Botanical Garden of Geneva).
1962 Exhibition of flower engravings at "Le Cabinet des Estampes" in Geneva
1962-1968 Working and exhibiting in Switzerland, France and Spain.
1966 Exhibition at "La Galerie de L'Etrier" in Crans.
1967 Exhibition at "La Galerie Club" in Geneva.
1968-1969 Execution of a stained glass-window for the conference hall of "Givaudan" (chemical factory) in Geneva. Exhibition of engravings and paintings at "Givaudan".
1968 Exhibition at "L'Hôtel Schatzalp'", Davos.
Exhibition at "La Galerie 5", Geneva.
1969 Exhibition at "La Maison des Arts et de la Culture" in Thonon.
Exhibition at "La Maison du Dictionnaire et de L'Encyclopédie" in Geneva.
1971 Exhibition at "Presse Artistique" in Pully.
1972 Exhibition at "La Galerie Gaëtan" in Geneva.
Exhibition at "The Carnegie Institute" in Philadelphia, U.S.A.
1973 Exhibition at "La Galerie Picpus" in Montreux.
Exhibition at "La Galerie de la Cathédrale" in Fribourg.
Exhibition at "Art 3" in Bâle.
Exhibition at "La Galerie Aleph" in Geneva.
1974 Exhibition at "La Galerie-Club" in Geneva.
1975 Exhibition at "Art et Artisanat du Monde", Geneva.
Book illustrations (engravings) for Verlaine "Oeuvres Libres".
1976-1977 Book illustrations (drawings) for "Inédits de Pierre Louÿs"
1976 Exhibition at "La Galerie du Cygne", Geneva.
Exhibition at "La Galerie de l'Arcade", Geneva.
1977-1979 Exhibitions in France.
Exhibitions at "La Biennale de Pologne".
Group exhibitions.
21.11.1979 Died in Montana in Switzerland.
1980 Posthumous exhibition (retrospective) at "La Galerie du Cygne" in Geneva.
1981 Posthumous exhibitions at Carpentras and at Callian in the south of France.
1982 Exhibition at "La Galerie Carougeoise DelaFontaine" in Geneva.
1984 Exhibition at "Le Musée de L'Athénée", Geneva -'Peintres Suisses de Vallotton à Erni'-
1985 Exhibition at Biot in the south of France.
1988 Exhibition at "La Galerie Picpus", Montreux.
1989 Exhibition at "La Galerie de la Cathédrale", Fribourg.
1997 Exhibition of flower engravings at the Botanical Garden of Geneva.